Reem Al Kanhal

Since an early age, Reem Al Kanhal knew her life would be forever linked with fashion, her instincts for fabric, form and a deep sense of how to connect her culture and the modern world have driven many of her collections which are never defined by season or trend, but mood and relevance.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, she began experimenting with fashion as a student. Simple, stylish tops and skirts that women could wear in many ways formed part of her design philosophy which combines clean lines with drape curves, clean structures with the possibilities of freedom of individuality.

Reem then took on a course at the “Art&Skills Institute” in Riyadh, where her knowledge of garment making developed. In 2010, one year after graduating, Reem founded her eponymous label - Reem Al Kanhal, a modular ready-to-wear collection of clothes and accessories, with an unmistakable take on form, colour and aesthetic.

Refusing to follow trends, or fashion cycles since the inception of her brand, she has cemented her reputation of offering the timeless. Searching the globe for the finest fabrics, trims and working with local Saudi traditions, her focus is quality, originality and authenticity. Reem's intention is to make every woman feel the importance of her “self” in the process - ensuring that the final stylist or co-creator of the look is the wearer. The wearer owns a time capsule - a piece that brings a traditional past, with a modern future together, and that can be worn many times and in different way.

Reem designs for strong independent women in the world, aware of their femininity and willing to express it in an elegant though simple way. She has often referenced Saudi women in her collections from the Asir province, to her loyal customers whose individual style she creates unique designs for.

The brand is rooted in five key values: timelessness, femininity, simplicity, freedom and a Reem’s cross-cultured approach.

Her many international fans treasure her pieces and rewear them over many years: each piece is a personal heirloom, and a part of the wearers journey with herself.